When will they listen to Grandparents?


Please watch the heartbreaking interview of Neal Gray, Ellie Butler’s Grandfather and then express your views on how the courts should change in order for grandparents and extended family members to give a wider picture of family life for the poor innocent children who are left wanting and failed by an outdated system, which is shrouded in secrecy to protect families private lives but ultimately fails children and families.


Family Mediation Week – 11-15 January 2016

Legal aid is still available for mediation and people on a low income can receive mediation funded by the government. The new Legal Aid Agency scheme provides funding for a single mediation session for both parties even if just one of them qualifies for legal aid.

Quantum Valeat

Next week is Family Mediation Week, which aims to raise awareness of mediation and how it can help separating families manage their issues collaboratively and productively.

Ruth Langford

Family mediation aims to encourage separating couples to sit down together and work out solutions to the financial and family-based issues that can be part of separation or divorce. The goal is for both partners to come to an amicable agreement which suits everyone involved, avoiding the costs – literally and figuratively – of bitter battles in court. Mediation can help to secure a far better outcome for couples and children – it tends to be quicker, less costly and less combative than resolving issues through court or solicitors.

With the number of mediation assessments in the UK decreasing by 56% between 2012 and 2014, it’s quite possible that many couples going through a separation or divorce don’t know that family mediation is an…

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Show that we are not alone! #BeNeighbourly



Today I woke up to the news about yesterday’s attacks in Paris, such shocking and terrible deeds committed with precision, planning and co-ordination to do the very thing they set out to do, perpetuate this war of terror, pain, anguish and human annihilation.

In The same week we commemorated Armistice Day………well words here actually fail me!

?????????????????????????????????????????????My deepest sympathies and prayers for Paris and all those affected.

Whilst you are reading this, you are connected to the wonderful web, there are many elderly folk who are not and they do not always have the facility to get out or to ‘switch off’ by flicking between media.

Some may have no family/friends to reassure them so be a good neighbour, and look out for the elderly in your area, join a reputable national/ local organisation as a volunteer or print out some of the following organisations telephone numbers and slip them through the letterbox.


0800 4 70 80 90

The Silver Line is the only national confidential and free helpline for older people open every day and night of the year.

  • No question too big
  • No problem too small
  • No need to be alone


0800 169 2081 


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Grandparents Event in North Manchester

IMG_3806 IMG_3807

Are you an older person ( not just for grandparents) with time on your hands or time to spare? Do you wish to share a skill or even some stories with the younger generation? Do you wish to feel more connected in your community? Then come along and have a natter, a cuppa and some yummy cake! Click on the link below and find out more!

Grandparents Day Event 26th June 2015

New Shows

Getting older should not mean getting more and more isolated, connect with the local community of North Manchester via radio we have something for everyone!

North Manchester FM 106.6

Things are getting busy here at North Manchester FM HQ. We have lots of training taking place (email Lou if you’re interested) and MORE new shows!

TONIGHT, tune in from 7pm to hear the first ever Unsigned, Sealed, Delivered and Yours with Ray Bowles. Ray will be playing unsigned and local artists from North Manchester and the surrounding areas as well as featuring guests, interviews and live performances. Ray is one of the trainees from our February training – you may have already heard him testing out his skills on The M40 Show (Monday 4-5pm) and Community Champions (Wednesdays 4-5pm). Ray really knows his music and we cannot wait to hear him spreading his wings even further so make sure you tune in tonight 7-9pm! You can tweet him, phone the studio on 0161 918 6911 or text 07757 083438.

If that wasn’t enough, we also welcome…

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A woman talking sense? Heavens to Betsy!

Well she’s been around a bit, she knows her eggs from her onions, indeed her mushrooms too, and serves up a delightful omelette of common sense. (pardon the foodie pun, but I think you’ll find it’s Germaine.)

Please click on the link and watch this great interview at the Hay Festival and then comeback and feel free to comment as a boomer grandparent!


Catch it while you can as it will disappear soon enough!

I would make more comment myself at this time but as a working grandmother I have to dash!